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 One of the difficulties in getting government representatives to take Americans' concerns about chemtrails seriously has been the lack of objective and accurate scientific testing. No research funds have been allocated toward studying the effects of chemtrails either.

But there's a way to remedy this. Individuals across the country use our easy-to-use test kit. We are also looking for sponsors, so please let us know if you are interested in being a sponsor.

Volunteer to help Stop Chemtrails Now!

Each person who participates becomes a field technician. With this test kit, simply follow the directions to retrieve samples of rainwater in your own backyard.  Mail the samples directly to the lab referred to in your kit directions (all postage and handling is prepaid).  In the laboratory, scientists using universally recognized scientific methods will accurately determine the levels of the main contaminants in Chemtrails, Barium and Aluminum.  You will also test the PH Levels.

Stop Chemtrails Now!By gathering samples from all over the United States, we can determine whether levels in your area exceed those laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency. The empirical evidence can then speak for itself. The test information from each location will be uploaded into a database and represented in the map and graphs on this site so the results can be viewed easily by anyone, especially your Senator and Congressman.

Looking back in American History, it's evident that when the people of this great country want to get something done, they band together and make it happen. That's what is needed here. In order to do your part to cover every Congressional District in the United States click on the "Click here Now!" button on this page.

Now, let's dig deep and cover every Congressional District in the United States as soon as possible!!