Purpose of the Chemtrails Awareness Project

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To scientifically test and record the exact amounts of Aluminum and Barium in the Rainwater and the PH of the Rainwater of every Congressional District in the Unites States of America. We will then send the results to the Congressmen and Senators of the respective Districts demanding a Congressional Investigation of Chemtrails. Your name and the results will be posted on the map below.

We need your help now to stop the horrible spraying of our beautiful Country! Plants are dying. People are getting sick. Rivers are polluted. The weather is changing and the skyline is marred with lines of death. I don't trust the Government to engage in a Global Plan of Weather Modification. We are looking for sponsors! Email us here to become a sponsor.

Please, step up to the plate and buy a testing kit so that you can test your area. Help us to put an end to Chemtrails with the CHEMTRAILS AWARENESS PROJECT!

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A few words from the founder of the Chemtrails Awareness Project:

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The Great Culling Official Video:


Watch this video for important information about Chemtrails:


Here's the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guide on determining toxic levels of Barium in the environment:


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